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Now its funny!

So I tried making one of these for RenFest this year and it was a disaster.  Like, completely.   Then I saw a beautiful, glamorous vendor friend  of mine at an event wearing a snood to perfection and asked her about it.  Lo and behold, the very same pattern!  She helped me figure where I went wrong and gave some tips to make it magical and I finally got some yarn to try it again!

Prepared for battle!

Frankly, I’ve never purchased such fancy yarn.  I keep rubbing it on my face its so lush.  You have to feel it to understand.  Or have worked with silk bamboo yarn before.  Whatever, don’t judge me!

So I’m gonna go watch some honky documentary that Jinx has been going on about and get started on this bad boy.  I’ll let you know how it goes!


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