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Sewing Sunday: Rose Edition

FIGHT!!!   And how.

The goal.

So last year I was talked into doing Rose from Street Fighter for a cosplay group for DragonCon.  Seemed like a straightforward costume except at the time I got started late and ran into some pattern/sewing issues that stopped me dead in my tracks.  Needless to say, Rose didn’t happen for D*Con ’10.

Fast forward a year and its time again.  Sarie Vs Rose      FIGHT!!!

I got out a nearly forgotten bag of fuchsia fabric with hints of purple and yellow bits and set it before me.  The first step was to figure out what the heck I was doing last time.

Lets not forget the pain of pressing fabric that has been stacked in a bag for a year.

So I get everything sorted and pressed and thought to start with something simple.  Just sew some darts, no problem.  I was prepared this time.

Michelob Ultra Fancy Flavors (tm)

Things seemed to be going well, but then it happened.  I got to the exact same place I was at last year that I got stuck at.  I even found the last seam that gave me fits last year, still a mess, intact in the bottom of the bag.  This year would be different, I would figure this out.  It would be mine.

I was wrong.  Boy, was I wrong.

Butthole armpit.

I tried every single trick I knew.  Every way to do the thing, I tried.  I tried following directions, I tried making up my own directions, I started from different ends of the seam, I started from the middle of the seam, I made marks, I clipped curves, I did everything and no matter which way I tried, there was an armpit butthole.  Frustrated doesn’t begin to describe the increase in shithate I feel now for Vogue patterns.  I can’t exactly start over, all the Rose colored fabric is already cut for this inane pattern.   I’m starting to feel like here ends my foray into cosplay.  Probably for the best.



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  1. You need to email Sue on Facebook…she’ll have an idea!


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