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Snoodity: Part 2

Snood time!

I worked diligently on the lovely purple snood.  Hours were spent making little meshes and I put it down for the night.  The next day as I sat leisurely wasting time on the internet, Rusty came running from the craft room to the living room with something in his mouth and a looooooong strand of luscious purple yarn behind him.  He’d frogged the damn thing back almost to the beginning.

Thanks, Rusty

So we started almost over and caught up easily since by now I was well practiced in how to do the pattern.  Eventually I finished it with only a few more head-scratching errors and wonderment.  All that was left was to put the elastic in and BAM!  I’d have a new snood to sport and be all vintage-cute.


The only elastic that I have in the house is just too thick.  It doesn’t work.  Not even remotely.  I debated tying all of the random hair-ties that I have in the house together so I could try it out, but the smart part of my brain vetoed that.  So now I have a lush and lovely purple crochet net that is useless to me.  Unless of course I want to go trap small woodland elves who are already tiny living in a world of nightmares.

Elf Catching Net

I’ll be going to track down the right sized elastic soon hopefully and then maybe, just maybe I will have it complete and actually wearable.


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