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Tutorial Tuesday: Flat Iron Curls Edition

What now?   Its Tutorial Tuesday!   Every Tuesday I aim to find a tutorial and give it a whirl posting my experiences here for better or worse.  These tutorials can be about hooping, sewing, crochet, hair, makeup, polymer clay… well, you get the idea.  Have a tutorial you want me to try?  Email me!  If I have most of the tools to do it, I’ll try.

Yeah. That's whats up.

So our tutorial for tonight is FLAT IRON CURLS.   They are simple, pretty, and there are tons of YouTube videos on how to do it.  Hell, I even bought a flat iron a while back specifically to do this with.  Like most things, I bought it because it was cute!

So I found the best video (with the cutest girl I could stand to look at) and watched it a few times just to make sure that I understood.  To be honest, I kept walking away from the video.  How hard could this be, really?  Clamp, twist, pull.  Adorable curls!

While the flat iron heated up I got myself ready for the task at hand.

Don't judge me, beautifying is thirsty work!

After a minute or so it was go time.  So I tried with the whole clamp, twist, pull thing.  And I tried.  And I tried on the other side of my head.  And I accidentally made ONE curl.  I say accidentally because I could not recreate the incident no matter what I did.  So I went back to the other side and tried and tried and tried.  And I burned my fingers, and I burned my neck and I made my hair really really hot and straight.  But I could not get it to curl.


I found other videos, I watched girls with long hair do it, girls with short hair do it, girls with hair in between do it and lo, I COULD NOT DO IT.  And not just because I was taking a drink of PBR for each failed curl either.  There is something wrong in my brain that I simply cannot participate in these new fandangled hair curling methods.  Give me hot rollers or a wet set any day and I can make this damn hair curly!  But this, this thing is beyond me.

Why do you mock me so?

Needless to say:  Perfectly good, once-used, very cute flat iron for sale.


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  1. Dude. Those fucking things *totally* piss me off. My hair wizard just cranks those suckers out, wistful and perfect. Me? I get a slightly curled end and a super angry disposition.

    Bitch ass flat iron is a ONE trick pony.

  2. Do you prefer hot rollers or those pink foam rollers? I’m going to start curling my hair soon and I don’t know which one to go with.

    • I like them both! They are good tools for different jobs. Hot rollers are great for some volume and loose curls. I can usually brush them out for waves or leave them for cute curls. They just don’t stay very well in my hair if I’m going to be hooping or dancing and getting all sweaty. The foam rollers tend to give me better curls that last longer but can sometimes get a little frizzy if not handled right or wound too tightly. I’m had foam roller curls last for days but they take a little more planning since you have to set them damp and let them dry if you don’t have a bonnet hair dryer. A hot roller set takes about as long to cool as it takes me to do my makeup so it works well for getting ready for going out.

      Let me see how they turn out! Your hair will look SUPER cute curled!


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