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Hair Flower Friday: Way Late Edition

I know.  Technically its Sunday and this is supposed to be a Friday post.  Its not entirely my fault that I didn’t get this done until now.  I mostly blame Toddlers and Tiaras for being a complete train-wreck of a show and being available for instant streaming on Netflix.  Seriously, its as bad as the Anna Nicole Smith show for total slack-jawed watching where you know what you’re seeing you just can’t make sense of what you are seeing and you cannot stop yourself from watching for hours and hours.  But I digress, HAIR FLOWERS!

Tonight I tried my hand at making a big whopper of a hair flower.  Most of the ones I have made before are just a flower with some extra bits and ribbons and cuteness and some are just gorgeous blossoms that need no accouterments to make themselves feel good.

Bits and Cuteness: A Bin-Full-of-Hair-Flowers Tale

But I got some brilliant bouquets at Joann’s a while back and just had to try to see what I could see.  A true experiment in gluing stuff to other stuff.  For a moment I thought, “Sarah, this is simply too much.”  But then I silenced that voice with a shot of Kool-Aid (hitting the hard stuff tonight, it was watermelon-cherry flavor) and made the new mantra “Go big or go home.”  Yes, I knew I was already home.  That’s not the point.

BBAHF looking for love. (Big Beautiful Awesome Hair Flower)

Yeah, there's a purple cattail in there. I know, right?!

Its huge and autumny and I kind of love it.  I’m planning on bringing this here hair flower and others like it to all the shows that I can so other people can give these creations a good head to call home.  So posts in the future will show what I’m working on and all that jazz.

Exciting, right?  A post about something that didn’t end in tears or throwing something!  Go me!

P.S.  I’m just going to put it out there that you can’t judge me about how often you may see this shirt show up in posts.  Its my favorite shirt.  Don’t be like the Dickie’s Girl and feel like you need to say something about it.  Thanks in advance!


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