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Sewing Sunday: Got Home Late Edition

Whew.  Nothing says good times like 11 hardcore hours of crafting.  Well, it was probably more like 6-8 hours of crafting with the rest of the time being hang-out-with-awesome-people time.  Still!  Whew!

The day started with Allison and I adding to her substantial and impressive pile of cut out thingie-a-bobs.  It was a tag team effort.  The picture I took of our work didn’t turn out so I can’t show you how impressive it was, so just trust me on it.  We are cutting-out-things rockstars today.  I literally got a blister on my finger and the tip of my Exacto Finger is still a little numb.  Yeah, it was that kind of serious cutting.

Next, we moved our operation to sewing and since I hate making gloves only slightly less than Jennifer does, I totally got voted to make the gloves.  And make them I did.  Not without some tom-foolery in between.  Watching recorded episodes of Project Runway while working is always inspirational.

Even if that means wrapping scraps of spandex around your head and trying to "make it work."

Apparently having made about 5 or 6 pairs of spandex gloves in the past means that I’m actually pretty ok at it nowadays.  Which only serves to make sure I get voted for Glovemaker every time it comes up.  But we do not participate in shoddy craftsmanship, no matter how badly we want to get voted off that particular job.  Despite all that, I will be making Jennifer and I a pair of these exact gloves with the scraps that are left over.

Who doesn't need red shiny spandex gloves?

I was rewarded for my efforts with delicious lasagna made by Danny and a good attempt to watch SuckerPunch for a very confused and snarky little while.  But then it was back to work.  Once the other glove was finished all that was left was of course to put them on Captain Destruction.  She likes to wear fancy things.  But she looked like too much of a whore with just the fancy gloves on.  So we put her wig on her and a “modesty strap.”

Still looks like a whore.

I also scored some skinny elastic to try to finish my snood when I get a minute.  So shiny-red-glove-adorned hands down it was an awesome craft day with good company and good progress made on everyone’s various projects!


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  1. Nice gloves!! Are you making them on a serger?


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