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Sarie, where aaaaaaare yooooooou?

I’m here, I’m here!


I know I’ve missed a few nights.  Where’s the hair flower post?  Where’s the sewing post? Where’s the tutorial post?  Where are the crafted buttholes?

They are here, sweet cherries!  I promise.  See, I had a birthday.  It’s not a great excuse, but there it is.  So things have gotten a bit out of whack.  So tonight I shall tease you with things to come!

I have a TON of flowers just anxiously waiting to be turned into hair lovelies.  My mom even sent me a whole box full of ribbons!  Its just that I chose to go out and drink and dance with my homies instead of camping in front of endless episodes of  Psych and gluing stuff to other stuff.  But rest assured, the hair flowering shall commence and how!

So many flowers that won't just stay in hair on their own!

But while I was out for my birthday, I actually got the last piece of the puzzle that I needed to finish my snood.  Though let me tell you, nothing quite makes you feel a little off and old like turning 30 and bringing your old lady craft to the club to work on.  I ran out of purple yarn so I had to finish it in black and will probably add some black crochet flowers to tie it all in as the lovely Jezebel suggested!

Snood. As modeled by the ever-adorable Ardy.

I also started a new I-don’t-want-to-make-hair-flowers-but-I-still-want-to-craft-while-I-watch-my-stories project.  I’m excited to work on it!  Lion Brand Jiffy yarn is not rub-it-on-your-face awesome like the yarn I used for the snood but it is fluffy and huge and I like it a lot.

Granny what?

And then Tutorial Tuesday turned into Tattoo Tuesday and by the time I got home I was in no mood to even move my arm, let alone try any kind of crafting with the useless thing.  But its getting colorful!


For the afore mentioned distracto-birthday my sister got me a book I’ve been wanting for a while so I’m sure a few of my tutorials will be hair related and come from here!  Its good to practice these things before its rush time between work and funtimes to nail some of these hairstyles.  They can go from awesome to uh-oh real fast.

My hair will never look this good, but so help me, I will try.

Last but not least, I found a super cute pattern that has adjustments for bust size!  This is always a plus with sewing these things as I do not come equipped with the standard sized boobs.   So now all I have to do is get some cute fabric and get to sewing!

The drawings are always cuter than the reality, but I don't care!

So stay tuned!  Friday is all about the hair flowers and I have a lot of work to do!  Maybe I will make Wednesday my Work In Progress day just to see how things are coming along now that I’ve teased about it.  I would hate to give anyone crafting blue balls.

But they are so pretty!


Sorry, no buttholes this time.


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