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Hair Flower Friday: I’d-Rather-Be-Crocheting Edition

I got some flowers made!  Unfortunately my camera battery died so I didn’t get any decent in-progress shots.  But I assure you, it looked like I killed a fairy at one point.  Maybe a whole family of fairies.  It was bad.


But I got a few good ones done.  Others are still sitting in progress waiting for various glue bits to dry and whatnot.  So without further ado, the newest members of my hair fancies:

Artsy Macro Shot.

I know there are only three here.  I only made three.  It doesn’t seem like enough considering I was hoping to have at least fifty hair flowers made by next weekend.  We’ll see how close we can get.

Fairy blood makes everything better.

I will work on more this weekend and get a real count as to how many of these little bastards are in existence to determine just how badly I need to freak out about having 50 ready!



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