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Sewing Sunday: Questionable Productivity Edition

Another lovely sewing day at the Casa de Jennifer pre-DragonCon crazies.  I have stopped bringing any of my own sewing to work on and instead choose to file in as one of Jennifer’s many crafting slaves.  This works well enough for me!  I’m not stressed by the crunch of costuming count-down and still get to see my friends and help with the mad-scientist like creations.  There was a lot going on today: awesome sculpting, sanding, latex snipping with tiny little scissors.  So I was happy to jump right in and try to do my part.

First, I made more and more of the little cut out templates for airbrushing.  I have no pictures of the results, but I am almost certain that I have bruised the tip of the index finger down to the bone and the blister that I have has since popped and torn of to expose my juicy tender pinkskin beneath.  If I don’t have to hold another exacto ever again, it will be too soon.

Then I made what can only be described as grey Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle gloves.  Yes, more glove sewing.

I swear this is what its supposed to look like.

Though I am proud that something I made caused so many uncomfortable touches today while the wearer of the above glove had to run about being creepy with it.  A truly proud moment for me.

Next came a valuable lesson in trial and error that, frankly, I didn’t need.  I had to made detail pieces for a pair of boots.  I figured it out, made little patterns and cut it out of the fabric.  I assembled one.  I assembled another one.  I showed the Overlord and she suggested that I did something that I was already doing to make it look not like ass.  There was a change in plan, a new fabric for the assy boot things.

So many little assy boot things.

New fabric choice wasn’t better.  We tried a third and still it just wasn’t working at all.  Allison even cut out all the fabric that I needed for it, and I still could not make it work right.  So we scrapped the whole damn thing and came up with a method that involved foam and glue.  By this point in the night I was feeling plenty demoralized.

Finally it was a simple matter of “sew this seam.”  Right.  I won’t go into length about how this didn’t go well.  I will simply show you.

Need I say more?

So by the end of the night I simply hung my head, packed up my sewing machine and went home.  I wasted a lot of precious, precious time today and I don’t feel great about it.  At least we got creepo gloves out of the mess.

And there were no crafted buttholes.  Accidental or intentional.


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  1. Hey Slave, you were totally productive so shut it! Also I made weird butthole-weirdness on my costume last night, and I’ll be needing your powers to correct it! Just a heads up! ❤


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