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Tutorial Tuesday: Crochet Flower Edition

Tonight’s tutorial was brought on by a suggestion to add some cutie little black crochet flowers to my purple and black snood to bring the two colors together.  Since I ran out of the purple and adding the black was a last ditch effort to get it done without getting a whole new skein of purple luscious face-rubbing yarn.

So I found this fantastically done picture tutorial/pattern to make this little bugger!


So off I went.  Reading briefly over the instructions (more just looking at the cute pictures) I got started.  Shortly after starting, I had to pause to rinse the hair color from my hair and I just had to pause a take a picture at what step I was stopping at:

I'm not even going to say it.

So once the hair was rinsed and I stopped playing “What Does My New Shampoo Smell Like?” I got back to it.  Super easy, simple pattern.  Its going to be a win, right?


It looked like a totally depressing starfish, not a flower.  I supposed I should have read the instructions and not just look at the cute pictures.  So I frogged back and tried again.

Yes, I took a break to paint my nails. What are you, the Continuity Police?

At least it actually looked a little cute, if small.  So I see how the instructions say you can stop here and have a completely cute, adorable and perfect little flower OR you can make it a super fancy ULTRA FLOWER!

I opted for ultra flower.

This was a mistake.

Now it looks like ultra poop.

Maybe its just too much black and it would be cute if a) I actually got the right number of petals on the second layer or b) I made the second layer out of the purple of the snood to make them stand out.  But if I had enough yard to make cute purple flower petals I would have just finished the damn snood in all the same color and would have effectively avoided this whole mess in the first place.

Lesson: Quit while you are ahead when it comes to super cute crochet flowers.  Ultra Flowers will only cause trouble.


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  1. Was it the type of yarn you used versus what the person who did the pattern used? I find that effects how things turn out in the end.

  2. Yep, you needed floss or fingerling weight yarn to make a teeny flower. or use a bit bigger hook and make a bigger flower with the black yarn.

    So, what color is your hair now? Or were you doing the roots?

  3. The Continuity Police just made me laugh hard enough to spit coke on my keyboard at work. Thanks for that.


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