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Sewing Sunday: Sewing Slave Edition

This was my last Sunday sewing with my girls before they are off to being fabulous and wonderful at DragonCon.   My tasks included making another set of three fingered gloves and assembling a hood/vest combo thing that had been airbrushed.

I'm actually getting pretty good at making these. Though I am sure this is a skill I will never again need in my life.

Its doesn't look like much but it turned out pretty good.

Of course there was a looooong list of other stuff I was supposed to try to help on, but it just didn’t happen.  I had to tap out of sewing fun times after about 10 hours or so.

Granted I am always well fed and this time there was cake for Jennifer’s birthday as well!  Not to mention the great company and never ending episodes of Australia’s Next Top Model that even the guys started having an opinion about by the end of the day.  I hope we have more of these days without the soul-crushing stress of an intense work load and a rigid deadline.

I can’t wait to see the pictures of how the whole group looks!  I know they are going to be awesome!


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