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Once upon a time, about a year ago, I made Rusty a quilt.  It was a cowboy themed quilt befitting his adorable Rusty-ness.   I’ve made all of my dogs their own quilts of this same pattern just with different fabrics to suit them.

Brand new Cowboy Rusty Quilt!

Rusty loved his quilt.  He would lay on it and chew his chewies and drag it into his crate to sleep on it.  He only chewed one little hole in it, which was always impressive and a testament to how much he really liked it, or so I like to tell myself.

Then came Ozlin.  Ozline likes to shred fabric.  I’ve watched her tear a fleece blanket into a washcloth before I would have to take the thing away.

Don't let the adorable, ice cream-covered face fool you. She is a Destroyer of Things.

When putting the two together after Quilt had been out of commission for a time, you have tragic quilt shredding-a-go-go. I like to think that Rusty was trying to save his quilt from her, but instead just ended up participating the in destruction.

Oh, the humanity! Rusty is displeased.

Luckily, it wasn’t as bad as it initially looked and I was able to satin stitch a lot of the mess back together again.  Though I’m not sure if I just made it more tempting to chew up and shred or if Rusty will do a better job making sure his little sister doesn’t get to ruining his things again.


Not bad if I do say so myself.  I will patch this thing as often as I need to or at least until it reaches a point beyond reasonable repair because seeing Rusty flop his fluffy butt on it as soon as he gets it back makes it all worth it.  Even if it looks like I’ve sewn a wonky swastika onto my sweet puppies woobie blanket.

You're welcome, bud.



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