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Tutorial Tuesday: Water Marbling Nail Polish Edition

Off looking for some fancy nail art that I could do on my short nails, I kept seeing this whole water marbling thing everywhere.  So I figure, what the heck?  Lets give it a go!

First, the tutorial!

Neat, right?  Ok.

So I got my stuff together, minus the toothpicks because I couldn’t find any.

Bam! Look how prepared I am!

First, painting the nails all white was easy enough.  For a split second I thought about skipping the tape step but decided it was worth avaoiding the tragic mess as I had a feeling it was about to be bad enough.  So of course, I true Sarie form, I taped the hell out of my fingers.

There's no kill like over-kill.

And got about the business of all this dripping polish into the water and smuching it around to make it pretty and dunking my fingers in all akwardly and whatnot.

The result: Meh.

I’m sure its due to the fact that I picked kinda light colors but the effect was under-whelming.  Ignore the gross tape residue stuck to my fingers and the fact that I didn’t clean up the polish messies yet.  My thumb looked the best because I spent extra time dripping more colors into the water before sticking my thumb into it.

Booger-blob, oops.

Ultimately I decided that the whole thing was just too much of a pain in the ass to bother doing the other hand and scrapped the whole thing.  Maybe if I used brighter colors it would have been more impressive but for now, I give it a “Meh” on a scale of “Buh” to “Awesome”.  I might try it again if I just really can’t think of anything better to do with a big chunk of time and a lot of tape.

If you try it, let me know how it turns out for you!


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  2. Look up dry marbling. It’s *much* easier.


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