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Dead Simple QAL Progress

I’m participating in my first ever quilt-a-long over at Lily’s Quilts.

So the next step is to find Kona Cottons to match your color scheme and lay out a quilt all magic-like.

Just a reminder, this is my color scheme from Design-Seeds:


So I went over to this lovely website and got about the business of matching up my colors with the available Kona Cottons.

Seriously.  I spent over an hour here.  This one was too dark, that tone was too cool, this particular shade of cool-purple-grey doesn’t exsist.  After what felt like a loooooooong time I settled on what I felt like was a pretty good match.


Next was the task of making it into some kind of quilt pattern.  This was EXTREMELY difficult for me.  See, I am a creature of symmetry.  I love things that are neat and even and repeating and symmetrical.  I’m get a bit twitchy if things aren’t like this.  So imagine me, trying to create a random but appeasing pattern of solid blocks of colors.  It gave me fits, but this is what I came up with.

Janky, but you get the gist.

Now seeing it on the screen, I just don’t know about it.  Over at Lily’s they posted a quilt with even smaller squares that I think I like better, but we are going to marinade in this a bit and make a choice.  I want to make this into a new quilt for the bedroom, so no pressure or anything.

Now to cross-post these pictures over at the Flickr group and see how everyone else is doing.

Then I have to stop Pickles the Cat from rummaging through the trash looking for the empty dime bag of catnip like a sad, sad addict.

Totally busted. Junkie.

Dead Simple Quiltalong

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  1. Oh I love love love it!!!!!

  2. great palette & great little mock-up!

    btw, I tried to respond to your comment on my blog post, but you came up ‘no-reply’. Wondering if you’ve made any of those zip pouches….

  3. Im totally lovin those colors, but I must be related 😉 cause those grey squares and brown squares next to one another are giving me fits too…..

    Remember Maddie’s room with the random color squares – it took me a WEEK to finally agree on a random arrangement…..and then when we put the crib up, it looks like I have two of the same color together… STILL buggs me!

  4. I love your colors! I’m struggling with the placement of my squares, too…I think I’ll wait until I have all my fabric in hand and can physically move squares of fabric around, the computer is just not “real” enough for me.


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