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Sewing Sunday: Skully Roses Edition

I picked up this pattern a little while ago and have been anxious to try it out.

After MUCH debate and near-tantrum throwing while shopping for fabric, some finally was chosen.

Inspector Rusty approves.

Into the wash it went!  After that it was ready to be cut out.  Technically it was after the pre-wash, a jog, and taking the dogs to the park hoping to wear them out enough that I could work in peace.  So with the dogs out of the way (napping in their crates, not all mafia style) it was time for my least favorite part of the sewing experience: laying out and cutting out the pattern.

Does anyone else neurotically fold their pattern pieces back to the factory lines like this? Am I alone in the crazy?

Incidentally, cutting out the fabric is the absolute favorite part of sewing for the cats.

Its cool, Pickles. I don't need that to see the fabric layout or anything.

Then, like rubbing salt into a wound, the whole thing is completely lined.  So I have to cut it out all over again in different, light-weight, slippery fabric!

Seriously not helpful.

After much scooting about on the floor and pinning and snipping and cursing, everything was cut out.  By the time I got everything cut out I was pretty much sick of looking at it so it was an ideal place to stop for the night.  At least next time when I get started I’ll be jumping right into the good stuff.

Skwisgaar looks on and is unimpressed.

Now the trick is to make time to work on it to be sure its done to wear by Saturday.  I think I can do it.  Here’s hoping for no surprises and minimal animal interference.


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  1. A.) I try to fold patterns back, but I can never make it happen so they either end up just shoved in a bag or I force you into it!
    B.)Pre-wash fabric? Pish That’s for chumps! It’s better to never wash your clothes after you make them, and/or have their color bleed off onto your flesh

    Do you like how all my comments sound like I’m a crazy overbearing dictator? It’s because I am. ❤

    • A) I know! 😉
      B) Haha. For a second I almost didn’t bother, but then remembered that if it works out I’ll probably want to wear it more than once and for only a few hours.
      C) Yes, ma’am!

      You’re my favorite dictator! I miss you!


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