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Tutorial Tuesday: Gradient Nails

Thanks to a over-zealous puppy in class chomping at a treat, I got to repaint my nails the very next day after having JUST painted them!  I bothered Jinx about what color to paint my nails as I am wont to do, he said autumn colors.


So I remember seeing this fancy nail technique and wanted to give it a go!

Super fancy right?  Lets do it to it.  I dug out my favorite OPI mini set and picked out three of the four colors.

From OPIs Burlesque Series - honoring Cher and Xtina. Yeah.

Then I was ashamed to find that I had no makeup sponge in the whole of my apartment.  This is remarkable because I have more pounds of makeup than I do shoes.  That’s saying something!  So I improvised.

You didn't need this for any actual painting, right honey?

After much dabbing and more dabbing and not quite being patient enough for it to dry between steps I had a result!

Look, a result!

Pretty turning leaf autumnyness.  Its really hard to photograph well on account of the shiny top coat and metallic polishes, but trust me, its cool.  Its also pretty subtle which is fine for me, but had I done it in better light and not right before bed I might have done a better job.  It was fun and unlike the water-marbling experiment-gone-wrong, this result was worth the minimal effort to pull off.  Try it!


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