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Hair Flower Friday: Glitter Leopard Edition

Yes!  It was time to bask in more blood of the faeries!  It was glorious.  I shall be picking pieces of ichor off of my skin for days to come.

Leopard, glitter, and repeat.

I did this over and over until it was finished!  I still have yet to discover the best way to return the excess fae blood into its hideous container, but it seemed easier this time than the last.  Behold!

In all its Leopard Lily Gorgeousness.

I just need to attach the clip and she’s ready to go to her new home with the ever-amazing Rebecca!  I always forget how much fun it is to work on these until I am in the mess of it and knuckle-deep in glitter and glue.

Arsty Marco Shot

I’m excited to try this out on different flowers and glitter colors!  Maybe there will be a whole slew of pretties like this and I will be able to re-home them all to lovely cherries like you!


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