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Knitting is Bullshit: A Cowl Story

After my brilliant go at knitting up a sweater for my poor not-so-little dog, I decided I might try something a little more straight-forward.

Hunting high and low for a pattern that it looked like I could actually follow without it being 100 inches of stockinette stitch I came across the lovely Aisley Cowl pattern.

But of course before I even got started I thought “that won’t possibly be wide enough!  I shall add an extra 6 stitches to make sure its extra… something!”  So I did, and went about knitting and knitting and knitting.  And as the amount of yarn I had left dwindled I realized that it wasn’t going to be long enough to get around my neck even once at the rate that I was going.

Seriously, its as wide as my head is tall. What the hell am I supposed to do with this?!

Obviously frog the whole thing, make a ball of yarn and start over with 2 less squares in the pattern.


My progress is pitiful so I didn’t bother taking a picture, but I assure you having to re-do this much work makes me not a happy camper.  But I do it because its fun and because there is something oddly soothing about the shhk-shhk of the knitting needles sliding against each other.

At least this time it isn’t something I can make an animal wear.



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