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Sewing Sunday: Super Productive Edition

I know its been a hot minute since I’ve made a blog post.  I’m not going to lie.  I’ve been neglecting my crafting in favor of mindless crap just to keep me occupied.  Tonight I smashed that right the hell in the face.

Having recently decided to start riding my bike to work I realized I would need to pack a lunch or be forced to eat Taco Bell day after day.  So I found this wonderful tutorial and got about making it happen.  


So cute and so easy to make!

Then I remembered that the plan is to bike to work and then get ready for work once there.  So I was going to need something to carry my makeup in that wasn’t a huge train case full of tens of pounds of makeup that I wasn’t going to need.  So I found this tutorial!  I made mine a bit bigger to make sure I had room for all my fixin’s and made an amazing discovery about my sewing machine!


It zig-zag finishes WHILE its stitching a seam! Say whaaaaat?!

I was happy enough with this discover that I ran to the kitchen where my husband was cooking dinner and showed it to him and had to explain why it was so awesome.  He was satisfactorily impressed.  


Taadaa! With zipper and all!

I lined the inside with white so I wouldn’t lose things in the black hole of little dark pouch that always tends to happen.  

All in all they both went together easily and quickly for me to have gotten them done in about 2 hours total time.  I’m excite to load them up and make good use out of them for my first bike commute to work tomorrow!


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