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Tutorial Tuesday: Glitter Cell Phone Cover Edition

My cell phone case had been beaten to death by being thrown in my purse without much love and it was time for a new one.  Thanks to the miracle of Pinterest I came across this gem and decided that I simply must glitter-ify my phone.

Step 1:  Scrape off all the old design.

Yeah cause that wasn’t a pain-in-the-ass douche.

Step 2:  Get busy with the Mod Podge and glitter!

Also known as the Make A Mess Step

Step 3:  Wait a long time for that shit to dry.

I tried to seal it with clear nail polish hoping for the glossy finish.  I didn’t take into account that my cheap glitter would be eaten alive by the nail polish.  Disaster very nearly occurred as the pretty purple glitter started dissolving to a muddy red.  Cease and desist!  So I used the Mod Podge to seal it in instead, which worked waaaaaay better.

Step 4:  Enjoy your new cell phone case!


The Mod Podge really sealed everything in!  despite the copious amounts of glitter used, I never have any of that craft herpes loose or on my hands/in my pockets.  I highly recommend this!  Now I’m on the look out for other crap I can glitter up!


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