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Granny Square Afghan: One Year Later Edition

It may have taken me almost a year to complete, but Jennifer finally has her birthday present!  It was received with much love!  Not that getting a super warm and heavy blanket during one of the hottest weeks of the summer is a really good idea, but hey.  Shit happens when it happens!

This is how you love an afghan. (photo by Jennifer and instagram, stolen unabashedly for this blog by me)


Sewing Sunday: Whip Stitch Edition

Since She-Who-This-Is-Being-Made-For has finally seen the progress of it, I can now share it with you!

I’m making a Granny Square afghan for the ever-lovely Jennifer for her birthday.  I am lucky that she loves me and understands that the best intentions never seem to meet the goal date of delivery.  I should have it complete before the weather gets too yucky but I showed her a picture of the progress for her birthday.  That totally counts as a gift.  Right?

So many squaaaaaaares.

Its about half-way done.  So I spent most of the day sewing squares to more squares to sew into bigger squares to make into rows to sew to other rows.  You get the idea.  My reign of attaching stuff to other stuff remains true!

And once all the squares that I had made were connected together.  It was time to make more little squares.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

I do love working on afghans as the weather gets cooler.  Just 50 or so more squares to go!