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Patchwork Prism Quilt: Pop the Full-Sized Quilt Cherry Edition

A rug for a mug!

In the past I have made small quilts.  I’ve made quilts for my dogs and a quilt for my mug.  But I’ve never made a full-sized grown-up person quilt.  So with the encouragement of a few of my quilt savvy pals, I jumped in.

Picking this pattern because it was pretty and didn’t look so easy as to bore me to death right out of the gate (and apparently summer inspires me with rainbow hexagons), I got to work.  The first step was picking out the fabric.  Which I knew myself well enough to tell Jinx to just stay home for.  It takes me nearly forever to pick out ONE fabric for a dress, there was no telling how long this would take considering I had to pick MANY fabrics and I didn’t want him stranded there with me while I debate two different shades of red-orange.  Which ultimately was a wise decision as he was mixing vomit sounds into a jazz track (don’t ask) and I spent about 2 hours picking out fabrics.

The Final Contenders

Next came the cutting and, oh lordy, was there some cutting.   It took me two nights to get through.  I now have a deep appreciation for the Quilter’s Stash as I didn’t quite have enough fabric in some of the colors to easily cut the shapes that I needed.  So I had to Tetris that shit up and stretch and spin and finagle and make it work.  But I was able to get everything that I needed, but just barely.  If I had stacks and stacks of say purple fabric, I could have just picked something out of those stacks and charlie mike’d without stress but oh no.  I’m new at this.

Rusty and Ozlin are suitably impressed.

After that I saved the laying out until Craft Day at Jennifer’s house.  One, because she has big floor spaces to lay it all out and two, because the girl is a design whiz and I knew she would help me make sure all the colors and whatnot are awesome and no eye sores or bad decisions would creep in.

Plan A.

We swapped the pretty purple green batik in the middle for the garish blues around the edges (ran out of greens, had to make it work) and found some pretty magenta/purple in her stash but other than that we left it alone for the most part and I got to work sewing it all together.  I thought I was being all smart sewing the triangles together two at a time in the rows, but when it came to laying it back out I kept mixing up what went where making poor Jennifer constantly have to stop what she was doing to answer the age old question: “Is that right?!”

Roooooows. I thought I would never be done sewing these things together!

After about 7 hardcore hours of sewing, I had all my rows together and called it a night after a very tricky Roman Numeral numbering system was applied to make sure I didn’t mix anything up in transport.

Now today I started attaching rows to each other.  I tried so very, very hard to make sure all those stupid points line up, but sadly a few got away from me, or got smushed.  But I’m new, and this is a big project so I’m being forgiving for now.

4 and 2 of the rows sewn together! Its starting to look like… something!

But why stop there, Sarie?  Clearly the day was still young.  You could have gotten the whole top put together!

Alas, I could not.  Why?

Pickles. That’s why.

Would you move that?

I didn’t think so.  The quilt can wait another day.  Kitty Cute trumps all.


Rainbow Crochet Bag: Read The F#@*ING Directions Edition

After finally finishing the granny square afghan it was time to get started on a new crochet project.  I got this pattern in an email from Lily’s Sugar N Cream and it was perfect for summer and would be a great pool bag for toting my book and towel and whatnot to and fro.  And I wasn’t quite granny-squared out so off I went!

I picked out my colors and got busy quickly cranking out enough of the shapes to make the front side of the bag!

So many shapes! So bright, so… wrong!

Once I started piecing the front side together I realized that things weren’t exactly working out right.  There was weird puckering and the sides weren’t lining up.  Hmm.

Ahh.  These hexagons are distinctly PENTAGONS.   Crap.

Since I needed to add a side, there was no point in frogging them all back to reuse the yarn.  So starting over was the best option.  A simple miscount early on and not paying close enough attention to the pattern only cost me a couple of nights worth of work.  Bullshit.  Needless to say, starting over has taken a bit of the wind out of my sails.

That’s better. *grumble*

Tutorial Tuesday: Crochet Flower Edition

Tonight’s tutorial was brought on by a suggestion to add some cutie little black crochet flowers to my purple and black snood to bring the two colors together.  Since I ran out of the purple and adding the black was a last ditch effort to get it done without getting a whole new skein of purple luscious face-rubbing yarn.

So I found this fantastically done picture tutorial/pattern to make this little bugger!


So off I went.  Reading briefly over the instructions (more just looking at the cute pictures) I got started.  Shortly after starting, I had to pause to rinse the hair color from my hair and I just had to pause a take a picture at what step I was stopping at:

I'm not even going to say it.

So once the hair was rinsed and I stopped playing “What Does My New Shampoo Smell Like?” I got back to it.  Super easy, simple pattern.  Its going to be a win, right?


It looked like a totally depressing starfish, not a flower.  I supposed I should have read the instructions and not just look at the cute pictures.  So I frogged back and tried again.

Yes, I took a break to paint my nails. What are you, the Continuity Police?

At least it actually looked a little cute, if small.  So I see how the instructions say you can stop here and have a completely cute, adorable and perfect little flower OR you can make it a super fancy ULTRA FLOWER!

I opted for ultra flower.

This was a mistake.

Now it looks like ultra poop.

Maybe its just too much black and it would be cute if a) I actually got the right number of petals on the second layer or b) I made the second layer out of the purple of the snood to make them stand out.  But if I had enough yard to make cute purple flower petals I would have just finished the damn snood in all the same color and would have effectively avoided this whole mess in the first place.

Lesson: Quit while you are ahead when it comes to super cute crochet flowers.  Ultra Flowers will only cause trouble.

Sewing Sunday: Questionable Productivity Edition

Another lovely sewing day at the Casa de Jennifer pre-DragonCon crazies.  I have stopped bringing any of my own sewing to work on and instead choose to file in as one of Jennifer’s many crafting slaves.  This works well enough for me!  I’m not stressed by the crunch of costuming count-down and still get to see my friends and help with the mad-scientist like creations.  There was a lot going on today: awesome sculpting, sanding, latex snipping with tiny little scissors.  So I was happy to jump right in and try to do my part.

First, I made more and more of the little cut out templates for airbrushing.  I have no pictures of the results, but I am almost certain that I have bruised the tip of the index finger down to the bone and the blister that I have has since popped and torn of to expose my juicy tender pinkskin beneath.  If I don’t have to hold another exacto ever again, it will be too soon.

Then I made what can only be described as grey Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle gloves.  Yes, more glove sewing.

I swear this is what its supposed to look like.

Though I am proud that something I made caused so many uncomfortable touches today while the wearer of the above glove had to run about being creepy with it.  A truly proud moment for me.

Next came a valuable lesson in trial and error that, frankly, I didn’t need.  I had to made detail pieces for a pair of boots.  I figured it out, made little patterns and cut it out of the fabric.  I assembled one.  I assembled another one.  I showed the Overlord and she suggested that I did something that I was already doing to make it look not like ass.  There was a change in plan, a new fabric for the assy boot things.

So many little assy boot things.

New fabric choice wasn’t better.  We tried a third and still it just wasn’t working at all.  Allison even cut out all the fabric that I needed for it, and I still could not make it work right.  So we scrapped the whole damn thing and came up with a method that involved foam and glue.  By this point in the night I was feeling plenty demoralized.

Finally it was a simple matter of “sew this seam.”  Right.  I won’t go into length about how this didn’t go well.  I will simply show you.

Need I say more?

So by the end of the night I simply hung my head, packed up my sewing machine and went home.  I wasted a lot of precious, precious time today and I don’t feel great about it.  At least we got creepo gloves out of the mess.

And there were no crafted buttholes.  Accidental or intentional.

Hair Flower Friday: I’d-Rather-Be-Crocheting Edition

I got some flowers made!  Unfortunately my camera battery died so I didn’t get any decent in-progress shots.  But I assure you, it looked like I killed a fairy at one point.  Maybe a whole family of fairies.  It was bad.


But I got a few good ones done.  Others are still sitting in progress waiting for various glue bits to dry and whatnot.  So without further ado, the newest members of my hair fancies:

Artsy Macro Shot.

I know there are only three here.  I only made three.  It doesn’t seem like enough considering I was hoping to have at least fifty hair flowers made by next weekend.  We’ll see how close we can get.

Fairy blood makes everything better.

I will work on more this weekend and get a real count as to how many of these little bastards are in existence to determine just how badly I need to freak out about having 50 ready!


Sewing Sunday: Got Home Late Edition

Whew.  Nothing says good times like 11 hardcore hours of crafting.  Well, it was probably more like 6-8 hours of crafting with the rest of the time being hang-out-with-awesome-people time.  Still!  Whew!

The day started with Allison and I adding to her substantial and impressive pile of cut out thingie-a-bobs.  It was a tag team effort.  The picture I took of our work didn’t turn out so I can’t show you how impressive it was, so just trust me on it.  We are cutting-out-things rockstars today.  I literally got a blister on my finger and the tip of my Exacto Finger is still a little numb.  Yeah, it was that kind of serious cutting.

Next, we moved our operation to sewing and since I hate making gloves only slightly less than Jennifer does, I totally got voted to make the gloves.  And make them I did.  Not without some tom-foolery in between.  Watching recorded episodes of Project Runway while working is always inspirational.

Even if that means wrapping scraps of spandex around your head and trying to "make it work."

Apparently having made about 5 or 6 pairs of spandex gloves in the past means that I’m actually pretty ok at it nowadays.  Which only serves to make sure I get voted for Glovemaker every time it comes up.  But we do not participate in shoddy craftsmanship, no matter how badly we want to get voted off that particular job.  Despite all that, I will be making Jennifer and I a pair of these exact gloves with the scraps that are left over.

Who doesn't need red shiny spandex gloves?

I was rewarded for my efforts with delicious lasagna made by Danny and a good attempt to watch SuckerPunch for a very confused and snarky little while.  But then it was back to work.  Once the other glove was finished all that was left was of course to put them on Captain Destruction.  She likes to wear fancy things.  But she looked like too much of a whore with just the fancy gloves on.  So we put her wig on her and a “modesty strap.”

Still looks like a whore.

I also scored some skinny elastic to try to finish my snood when I get a minute.  So shiny-red-glove-adorned hands down it was an awesome craft day with good company and good progress made on everyone’s various projects!

Hair Flower Friday: Way Late Edition

I know.  Technically its Sunday and this is supposed to be a Friday post.  Its not entirely my fault that I didn’t get this done until now.  I mostly blame Toddlers and Tiaras for being a complete train-wreck of a show and being available for instant streaming on Netflix.  Seriously, its as bad as the Anna Nicole Smith show for total slack-jawed watching where you know what you’re seeing you just can’t make sense of what you are seeing and you cannot stop yourself from watching for hours and hours.  But I digress, HAIR FLOWERS!

Tonight I tried my hand at making a big whopper of a hair flower.  Most of the ones I have made before are just a flower with some extra bits and ribbons and cuteness and some are just gorgeous blossoms that need no accouterments to make themselves feel good.

Bits and Cuteness: A Bin-Full-of-Hair-Flowers Tale

But I got some brilliant bouquets at Joann’s a while back and just had to try to see what I could see.  A true experiment in gluing stuff to other stuff.  For a moment I thought, “Sarah, this is simply too much.”  But then I silenced that voice with a shot of Kool-Aid (hitting the hard stuff tonight, it was watermelon-cherry flavor) and made the new mantra “Go big or go home.”  Yes, I knew I was already home.  That’s not the point.

BBAHF looking for love. (Big Beautiful Awesome Hair Flower)

Yeah, there's a purple cattail in there. I know, right?!

Its huge and autumny and I kind of love it.  I’m planning on bringing this here hair flower and others like it to all the shows that I can so other people can give these creations a good head to call home.  So posts in the future will show what I’m working on and all that jazz.

Exciting, right?  A post about something that didn’t end in tears or throwing something!  Go me!

P.S.  I’m just going to put it out there that you can’t judge me about how often you may see this shirt show up in posts.  Its my favorite shirt.  Don’t be like the Dickie’s Girl and feel like you need to say something about it.  Thanks in advance!