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WiP Wednesday: Blame the Cats Edition

Every Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced they have a link party with all the crafty blogs putting up their work in progress pieces.  So I’m gonna start playing too, if only to make myself feel good that I am actually doing stuff!

First up is going to be the thing I have the LEAST amount of progress on!  That way I can get the disappointing stuff out of the way right off.

Old Lady Sundress!

I washed the fabric.  That counts and progress right?!  I am going to try to get some work done on this soon because I’m very excited about the fabric and hope that it turns out as cute as it is in my head.  Then I get to shop for some shiny nude pumps because I don’t have any shoes to wear with it right now.  See how I made this crafting project turn into shoe shopping?  I’m good like that.

Next up is the SECOND least worked on!

Rainbow Hexie Granny Square Tote Bag

Man, I’m on an “Old Lady” kick lately.  Old lady prints, granny squares.  I’m loving it.  Old ladies are awesome!  I always proudly say that I have a slew of “old lady” skills under my belt.  Except cooking.  Don’t ask me to cook.

But clearly, this is exactly where I left it after the last time.  2 of the 15 motifs are done.  I’m sure I’ll get back to it.  Sure.  But as this one actually has some of the parts worked on, it beats the dress as far as worked-on-it-ness goes.

And last but not least!

Prism Patchwork Quilt

I have a few more of the rows sewn together but the ironing got a little demoralizing.  Remember how cute Pickles looked sleeping so peacefully on the pretty strips of triangles?  Yeah.

OrangeFat x GrayFat = SuperCute!


Asshole cats.   So the pressing is taking a little longer than I would like, but its still getting there.  Thank heavens for Laura who suggested numbering the rows or I would be in a wold of hurt trying to figure out what goes where!   Though I might be bothering Jennifer for her copious and beautiful floor space to do the final basting/pinning of this beast of a quilt.  I’m excited to see it coming together!

Head on over to Freshly Pieced to see what all the other crafty folks are working on!  It’s sure to inspire some of your own crafty goodness.

 WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


Patchwork Prism Quilt: Pop the Full-Sized Quilt Cherry Edition

A rug for a mug!

In the past I have made small quilts.  I’ve made quilts for my dogs and a quilt for my mug.  But I’ve never made a full-sized grown-up person quilt.  So with the encouragement of a few of my quilt savvy pals, I jumped in.

Picking this pattern because it was pretty and didn’t look so easy as to bore me to death right out of the gate (and apparently summer inspires me with rainbow hexagons), I got to work.  The first step was picking out the fabric.  Which I knew myself well enough to tell Jinx to just stay home for.  It takes me nearly forever to pick out ONE fabric for a dress, there was no telling how long this would take considering I had to pick MANY fabrics and I didn’t want him stranded there with me while I debate two different shades of red-orange.  Which ultimately was a wise decision as he was mixing vomit sounds into a jazz track (don’t ask) and I spent about 2 hours picking out fabrics.

The Final Contenders

Next came the cutting and, oh lordy, was there some cutting.   It took me two nights to get through.  I now have a deep appreciation for the Quilter’s Stash as I didn’t quite have enough fabric in some of the colors to easily cut the shapes that I needed.  So I had to Tetris that shit up and stretch and spin and finagle and make it work.  But I was able to get everything that I needed, but just barely.  If I had stacks and stacks of say purple fabric, I could have just picked something out of those stacks and charlie mike’d without stress but oh no.  I’m new at this.

Rusty and Ozlin are suitably impressed.

After that I saved the laying out until Craft Day at Jennifer’s house.  One, because she has big floor spaces to lay it all out and two, because the girl is a design whiz and I knew she would help me make sure all the colors and whatnot are awesome and no eye sores or bad decisions would creep in.

Plan A.

We swapped the pretty purple green batik in the middle for the garish blues around the edges (ran out of greens, had to make it work) and found some pretty magenta/purple in her stash but other than that we left it alone for the most part and I got to work sewing it all together.  I thought I was being all smart sewing the triangles together two at a time in the rows, but when it came to laying it back out I kept mixing up what went where making poor Jennifer constantly have to stop what she was doing to answer the age old question: “Is that right?!”

Roooooows. I thought I would never be done sewing these things together!

After about 7 hardcore hours of sewing, I had all my rows together and called it a night after a very tricky Roman Numeral numbering system was applied to make sure I didn’t mix anything up in transport.

Now today I started attaching rows to each other.  I tried so very, very hard to make sure all those stupid points line up, but sadly a few got away from me, or got smushed.  But I’m new, and this is a big project so I’m being forgiving for now.

4 and 2 of the rows sewn together! Its starting to look like… something!

But why stop there, Sarie?  Clearly the day was still young.  You could have gotten the whole top put together!

Alas, I could not.  Why?

Pickles. That’s why.

Would you move that?

I didn’t think so.  The quilt can wait another day.  Kitty Cute trumps all.

Dead Simple QAL

Lily’s Quilts: Interested in a Dead Simple QAL?.

This is a Quilt-A-Long over at Lily’s Quilts that is focused on picking a color scheme and basing a quilt off of it.  I’ve never made a “real” quilt, just the little ones for the puppies and would really like to try my hand at it.

So I’ve decided to make us a new quilt for the bedroom.  And my color palette from Design-Seeds is this yummy red velvet one.

I might fall a little behind since I’ll have to wait until next weekend to try to shop for fabrics and figure out what quilt pattern I want to try but I’m excited to play along and can’t wait to see what I can come up with.

Dead Simple Quiltalong


Once upon a time, about a year ago, I made Rusty a quilt.  It was a cowboy themed quilt befitting his adorable Rusty-ness.   I’ve made all of my dogs their own quilts of this same pattern just with different fabrics to suit them.

Brand new Cowboy Rusty Quilt!

Rusty loved his quilt.  He would lay on it and chew his chewies and drag it into his crate to sleep on it.  He only chewed one little hole in it, which was always impressive and a testament to how much he really liked it, or so I like to tell myself.

Then came Ozlin.  Ozline likes to shred fabric.  I’ve watched her tear a fleece blanket into a washcloth before I would have to take the thing away.

Don't let the adorable, ice cream-covered face fool you. She is a Destroyer of Things.

When putting the two together after Quilt had been out of commission for a time, you have tragic quilt shredding-a-go-go. I like to think that Rusty was trying to save his quilt from her, but instead just ended up participating the in destruction.

Oh, the humanity! Rusty is displeased.

Luckily, it wasn’t as bad as it initially looked and I was able to satin stitch a lot of the mess back together again.  Though I’m not sure if I just made it more tempting to chew up and shred or if Rusty will do a better job making sure his little sister doesn’t get to ruining his things again.


Not bad if I do say so myself.  I will patch this thing as often as I need to or at least until it reaches a point beyond reasonable repair because seeing Rusty flop his fluffy butt on it as soon as he gets it back makes it all worth it.  Even if it looks like I’ve sewn a wonky swastika onto my sweet puppies woobie blanket.

You're welcome, bud.